What Others Say About Macro Affairs

‘Macro affairs’ is not a newly invented term. Here is what others have said about macro affairs:

In 53 years, Charlie and I have never had a discussion about buying or selling in which we talked about macro affairs.

– Warren Buffett
Renowned investor and philantropist


The problem for us is that a communist police state like Vietnam dislikes its people to broaden their political awareness and their participation in macro affairs.

– Pham Doan TrangVietnamese author, journalist, activist


This upward revision [of China’s GDP] may cause some complications in how to assess the current state of macro affairs.

– Hong Liang
China economist at Goldman Sachs


Some of our core projects include compiling macro affairs in the form of weekly newspapers.

– Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society
University of Pennsylvania


The focus on macro affairs has, for the moment, taken traders’ minds off of the looming slowdown in crude demand this autumn.

– Robert Gibbons
Writer for Reuters


Have you ever wondered why a self-correcting rationality hasn’t kicked in by now, why a saner awareness hasn’t made itself evident in the macro affairs of the nation by now?

– Robert C. Koehler
Reporter, editor, peace journalist

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