Guest Post

Great that you are interested in writing a guest post for Macro Affairs! We occasionally accept guest posts if they are of outstanding quality and cover a macro topic of our interest.


Guest posts should be about a macro affair, for example in finance, investing, geopolitics, international relations, principles, culture, or science. Of course you can mention specific, recent events, but the macro topic should be central to the post. We especially like topics that will become more important in years to come.

The post should bring something novel or original, such as a new concept or opinion, or an analysis that has not been done before or needs an update. We are willing to help with charts and data analysis.

The post format is very free as long as it helps the reader. The post should include at least one (free) image, chart, YouTube video, or table. There should be a few links to other websites when appropriate (which is almost always), links to other Macro Affairs pages when appropriate, and you are welcome to include a backlink to your website. Optional are an author bio or mention of the fact that it is a guest post.

The writing should be in excellent American English.

Submissions should be made by plain-text email to (ma @ We will reply to guest post inquiries within one week. Before you write the post, you can discuss your ideas with us to see if it could be a good fit.

Macro Affairs may reject a guest post for any reason, or even no reason whatsoever.

Still interested? Great! We look forward to your submission!